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A complete line of bar accessories.
About Us

Spill-Stop® Mfg. LLC is the leading manufacturer of liquor pourers in the world. At our factory in suburban Chicago we produce almost 10 million pourers a year, including the Ban-M® Screened Pourer and the #285-50 Chrome Tapered Pourer, the most popular pourer in the industry.

Spill-Stop® Mfg. LLC was founded in 1935 by Fritz Katsky. Daniel Silverstein, who had worked with Mr. Katsky's brother-in-law in a hotel management business, joined the company as a minority partner in 1945. Six years later Mr. Silverstein purchased the rest of the company from Mr. Katsky. Mr. Silverstein's son Bob started working for the company as a teenager, sweeping floors in the factory. Bob learned the business, literally from the ground, up, and took over in 1977. He continues to own and operate Spill-Stop today.

Spill-Stop® Mfg. LLC now offers a complete line of bar supplies, specializing in "hand tools for the bartender." Our product line includes free flow liquor pourers in both metal and plastic; portion control pourers; bar and service mats; bar aide caddies; glass rimmers; and stainless steel bar accessories including cocktail shakers, cocktail strainers, ice scoops, speed rails, corkscrews, and bottle openers. We also sell serving and tip trays, beer pitchers, scoops, scoop holders, condiment containers, cocktail picks, and other bar supplies too numerous to list.

Spill-Stop® Mfg. LLC prides itself on producing quality bar supplies from the finest materials with a competitive price structure to insure continuing growth for Spill-Stop and its customers. Our pourers are so popular that our competitors have sent them overseas to be copied. But, beware of the imported copies of Spill-Stop pourers. They may look similar, but they are not produced to our exacting standards and will not match the performance of our pourers. In fact, the Flair Bartenders' Association, FBA, requires the Spill-Stop #285-50 Chrome Tapered Pourer in all official accuracy competitions.

Spill-Stop® Mfg. LLC products are only available through authorized distributors of bar and restaurant supplies. Call us at 800-323-0722 for the location of a dealer near you.